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In a world where you can find food, a date or the weather forecast from a device in your pocket, I still wanted to make time for real life adventures. I had a routine; pack a bag on Thursday evening, run out of the office at 5pm on Friday, jump on a train. Within a couple of hours, I would be in the countryside enjoying an adventure. On Monday morning, colleagues would ask in awe about my latest hiking, canoeing or camping trip. 


I mentioned to some friends that it would be great to get people away from their regular weekend routines and into the Great British Outdoors. My friends nodded so I quit my job, moved to the countryside and thought I better put an event on. Adventure Breaks was born!

The plan was simple; to offer the UK’s coolest and most varied outdoor weekends. Importantly, the events would be solo-friendly, and it’s something we’re still passionate about. It means you don’t need to convince your friends to come with you; our events are fully hosted (usually by myself) so we’ll meet you when you arrive and make sure you’re making new friends. It shouldn't matter how new or experienced you may be in the outdoors; our focus on variety means you should always be able to try something new.

Adventure Breaks was created to help people live more adventurously, but we've become more than that. We've become a community. Adventure Breakers bring their friends along to new events. They meet up with other guests when they're back home and plan other adventures together. They help to spread the word about Adventure Breaks, which is handy as we aren't running large advertising or marketing campaigns! We have a few key values that help to bring this community together: 

  • Welcoming - most of our guests attend events alone. We understand this may be daunting (until you arrive and see how friendly we really are!). We ask that you help maintain this friendly and welcoming environment. 

  • Adventurous - you should be able to find new adventures with us, no matter what your experience. If you're happy to get stuck in and give things a shot we think you'll be proud of what you can achieve. 

  • Get involved - and help improve the community. There are many ways you can do this; from welcoming or helping others whilst on an Adventure Breaks, to participating in The Adventure Forum (see below), or by simply telling your friends about us. 

To help bring the community together, we have created 'The Adventure Forum' for you to engage with other like-minded adventurers. There's also an 'Interesting Stuff' section on the website with tips on how to pack lighter for your next adventure, our favourite outdoor apps and monthly adventure book and film recommendations. If you've got some hints or tips you'd like to share with other Adventure Breakers, we'd love to hear from you. 

I hope we can help you live more adventurously in 2020. If you would like to inject more adventures, friends and a breath of fresh air into your weekends, I’d recommend joining the mailing list.


P.S. If you're super keen to sign up for an adventure, I’d recommend Wild Camping for Beginners for anyone that's not already a camper. If you’re a more experienced adventurer but looking to learn new skills, I'd suggest our Bushcraft Weekend; we'll build shelters to sleep in, stargaze and drink pine-needle tea around a fire we created ourselves. Alternatively, we have the event for you if you like cheese and hiking