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Camping for Beginners Overview

You’d love to try camping but your friends aren’t campers. And even if you could persuade your enthusiastic friend to go with you, you wouldn’t know what kit to look for…nor have a clue how to use it! So as much as you’d love to try camping, you just don’t know where to start. Well now there is an answer; start here!

By the end of this weekend you’ll be all kitted out with brand new gear for you to keep. You'll be confident using it and you’ll have made some new camping-keen friends to plan your own adventures with. The world will be your camping-oyster; you just need to decide where you want to go next!

This Bank Holiday weekend away includes: 

  • A full camping bundle specifically selected to be good quality gear at reasonable prices that are well suited to new campers. The bundle is for you to keep, is worth over £200 and includes: 

    • A tent (Vango)

    • A sleeping bag (Berghaus)

    • A sleeping mat (Vango)

    • A headtorch (Petzl)

    • A stove (Vango)

    • A pan

    • Gas for stove

    • Lighter

    • A few other top secret small-but-mighty extras that help improve your camping experience (learnt from years in the field!)

  • We'll show you how to use your kit and you get to practice these in real time, we'll camp in two different locations so you get to practice making and breaking camp.

  • We'll answer all of your questions using experience gained from decades of camping, and give you some handy hints and tips along the way. 

  • You'll see beautiful parts of the Lake District and we'll camp overlooking lakes each night. 

  • You'll meet like-minded newbie campers that you can plan future trips with and you should leave with the knowledge and confidence to do exactly that! 

Arrival on Friday 8th May 2020 (Bank Holiday Friday). 

There are a limited number of places available on this trip as we have to buy a lot of gear in advance. Book early to avoid disappointment. 

£275 per person until 31/12/19 by using code 'Camping' at check-out, £295 thereafter. Secure your place on this adventure with a £100 deposit by clicking here.

Booking and More Information 

Click here for the booking page, click here to pay a £100 deposit or scroll down for more detailed information about the weekend.


Camping for Beginners - includes brand new camping gear for you to use and keep!


Friday 8th May 2020 (Bank Holiday Friday)

After a lake-side drive, you'll arrive at the beautiful Haweswater Hotel where we will break the ice over a pub lunch on Friday 8th May - it's a Bank Holiday so no time off work required! After lunch it's a short drive along the rest of the lake to a spot where we will re-group and then give you a demonstration for how to use your new camping equipment. Then it's over for you to practice setting up your own tent and camp, with help and guidance along the way. After this 'warm-up' session, we'll pack our bags with your new gear and it's a 1.5 to 2 hour walk to a stunning camping spot. Along the way you can ask as many questions as you like and we'll give you some hints and tips for what we like to looking for in a camp spot and some basic information about map reading. We will make camp overlooking the lake and we'll show you how to use your new stoves for our simple but satisfying evening meal. We'll have a lovely evening sharing stories, watching the sunset and star-gazing until it's time for bed. At this point you can use your new headtorch to find your way into your cosy sleeping bag - all provided as part of your camping bundle.

Saturday 9th May 2020
Congratulations on your first night wild camping! You should wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised after all that clean air! After breakfast we'll break camp (pack up!) and spend have a relaxing 1-2 hour walk to another lake where we will set up camp. We'll let you decide on your particular camping spot around the lake based on the hints and tips you've picked up so far. By now you'll be getting very familiar and comfortable with your new gear and how to use it. In the afternoon you're welcome to stretch your legs with a hike for more stunning views, you can practice some navigation and map reading, relax with a refreshing dip or simply chill out with your new camp-mates. This will be our second and final night out together and we should be in for another enjoyable evening before heading for home the next day.

Sunday 10th May 2020

After breaking camp again (and the usual optional swim!) we'll head back to the pub for some food. The weekend ends at this point giving you plenty of time to travel home for a well earned pizza and movie at home on the sofa!

Transport/Getting there
We will meet at the Haweswater Hotel. Driving – If you are driving, the postcode is CA10 2RP.

Train - If you are travelling by train, we may be able to give a lift from Oxenholme Lake District Station which is 2.5 hours from London Euston (direct), 2 hours from Birmingham (direct), 2 hours from Glasgow or Edinburgh (direct) and 1 hour from Manchester (direct). Please contact us if you would like a lift from Oxenholme Station as this will be on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Food and Drink

You will need to bring some basic food with you. We will give you more information on suggestions for good camp food suggestions nearer the time but they are broadly; fruit, snacks, sandwiches and evening meals of rice or pasta. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Solo-friendly - For us this means that the majority of our guests do not know anyone else at the event before they arrive. The activities over the weekend are a great way to try new things and make new friends.

Equipment - you will be provided with all the essential camping equipment required for this trip for you to keep. You will need to bring sensible outdoor clothing - we can give you more information on this but broadly it includes some sturdy footwear such as hiking boots, a waterproof jacket and a rucksack to put your kit in (around 60-70 litre pack size is ideal - you can currently purchase these online for under £20 here

Experience - you do not need prior camping experience; that's what this event is all about. It would be an advantage to do one or two day trips in the weeks prior to the event such as going out for a local walk for the day. 

Discounts for friends
If you have any friends that you think would enjoy this trip also, please do see if they’d like to come along – the more the merrier. If you buy two or more tickets in one transaction please use code 'Friends10' at check-out to receive 10% off each ticket.


£275 per person until 31/12/19 by using code 'Camping' at check-out.

You can secure your place on this Adventure Break with a £100 deposit by clicking here.


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