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Fund your adventures and help your audience
live more adventurously

Do you have an audience that are interested in the outdoors?

You can help them live more adventurously and get paid for doing so with Adventure Breaks' Affiliate Programme

How does it work?

  1. Check you meet the minimum parameters.

  2. If you meet these criteria, complete the form below to request your affifiate discount code. 

  3. If successful, you will be issued with a discount code that entities your audience to a discount for an Adventure Break.

  4. You will earn £25 for every ticket sold utilising that code. 

Here's an example:

  • Ali enjoys hiking in the Lake District. Ali posts one photo from each walk to inspire others to get outdoors too. 

  • Ali has 6,800 followers on Instagram and successfully applies to be a member of Adventure Breaks' affiliate programme.

  • Ali is sent the discount code 'AliLikesHikes' for Ali to share with their audience. The discount code offer's Ali's followers the opportunity to join a hiking weekend with Adventure Breaks for 10% less than the full price of a ticket for the Hiking Weekend. The Adventure Breaks weekend includes food, accommodation, transport and instructors.

  • Ali mentioned Adventure Breaks' Hiking Weekend in a post once a week for three weeks and seven of Ali's followers sign up to the Adventure Breaks Hiking Weekend using the code 'AliLikesHikes' (saving them 10% each).

  • Adventure Breaks shares a screen print with Ali showing that four people used Ali's code. Adventure Breaks pays Ali £175 (7 x £25) in rewards as a thank you for helping four new people discover Adventure Breaks.

  • Ali is free to spend the money as they wish. In this case Ali is wise and spends the money on a drink in the pub, a new headtorch and leaves the rest in the bank for a rainy day. 

Please note that it is important to us who we work with; we aim to be open, honest and practice avoid high-pressure sales tactics. It is also important to us that guests at Adventure Break weekends are open-minded, kind and willing to participate as part of a group. For these reasons, we reserve the right to refuse or terminate any affiliate programs at our absolute discretion and without notice.

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.